Kelly surina, paralegal & data analyst at dunlap law

Kelly joined Dunlap Law with over a decade of experience in project management, process improvement, technical writing and editing, and data analysis. She has worked primarily for small business-to-business consulting firms doing anything and everything from back-office operations to consulting work to sales and marketing management. Kelly spent nearly 4 years working with attorneys on independent consultant engagements ordered by FINRA and SEC sanctions and arbitrations. She holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a legal concentration and another bachelor’s in psychology. Kelly’s eagle-eye attention to detail and ability to process large quantities of data help Dunlap Law better serve its multitude of concurrent clients. One of Kelly’s top strengths is strategizing with a multi-solution approach to problem solving and process improvement.

Outside of Dunlap Law, Kelly enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking, and yoga. She and her husband met through Richmond’s local acro yoga group (partnered acrobatic yoga) and performed an acro yoga first dance at their wedding. Kelly is an avid, life-long learner and enjoys reading and watching documentaries about a variety of topics, including psychology, sociology, philosophy, quantum physics, Earth, and space.

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