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Your business is unique. Its name represents the entirety of your hard work. Its logo conveys your brand and vision. Consider applying for federal trademark registration to maintain the distinction of your company and its products or services from those of other businesses.  “Trademarks” protect goods.  “Service marks” protect services. Registering names, words, slogans, symbols, sounds, or colors as trademarks or service marks adds value to your company’s bottom line because the legal protections provided by mark registration are assets your company owns forever. You can register the name of your company or product, words and slogans related to your brand marketing campaigns, logos, symbols that identify your brand, and even sounds, colors, or scents specific to your brand. Simply put, a mark is any phrase, symbol, or design that identifies goods or services as coming from one source.  Marks for goods or services that you are currently selling are eligible for protection but so are marks for goods or services that you intend to use in the near future. Dunlap Law’s  trademark attorneys near Richmond, VA, and greater Virginia can advise you. We are here to provide the information you need to understand the trademark registration process.

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There are four general types of trademarks.

  • Fanciful trademarks: Fanciful trademarks are strong marks.  They are terms invented for the sole purpose of functioning as a trademark that are otherwise unknown in common language.  Examples of fanciful trademarks are Pepsi, Kodak, and Exxon.
  • Arbitrary trademarks use a known word used in an unexpected or uncommon way. Arbitrary trademarks do not describe the quality, component, or characteristic of a product.  Arbitrary trademark examples include:  Apple for a computer company or Shell for an oil company.
  • Suggestive trademarks: Suggestive trademarks are those that, when applied to the goods or services at issue, require imagination, thought, or perception to recognize the nature of the goods or services. An example of a suggestive trademark is KitchenAid, for kitchen tools and machines. Another example is Netflix, intimating that it provides movies (“flicks”) online.
  • Descriptive trademarks: Descriptive trademarks directly describe the goods and services offered and may not be eligible for registration. Trademark registration is granted only if a secondary meaning exists. Examples include Bank of America (a bank located in America), American Airlines (an airline that operates in America), and United Parcel Service, or UPS (a company that delivers parcels).

Protecting Your Business Interests With Trademarks – Dunlap Law’s Trademark Attorney in Richmond is Here to Help

If you are considering a trademark application, you should engage the services of a trademark attorney to guide you through the process. Dunlap Law’s attorneys are your trademark attorneys in Richmond, VA. Work with a Virginia trademark lawyer before you start the application process so you get the scope of protection you need and don’t end up needing a trademark infringement lawyer later. A trademark attorney can provide essential legal advice about your mark’s use, the legal description that creates the scope of protection, the appropriate Class, and what to expect during the registration application process.

The best trademark law firms in Richmond, VA and the state of Virginia will conduct a trademark clearance search prior to filing an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This search aims to determine whether another company has superior legal rights to your proposed trademark. Work with our  trademark attorneys near Richmond, VA, to find similar trademarks that could potentially be an issue during the application process. Then you can work together to make changes or make a new and stronger trademark before paying fees to the USPTO. Count on Dunlap Law, your trademark lawyer near Richmond, to uncover the answers you need.

Dunlap Law’s Trademark Lawyer helps Richmond VA Businesses

After Dunlap Law’s expert trademark attorneys have provided you with trademark law advice, and we agree on a strategy to move forward, then we can begin the application process. Business owners who attempt to complete the USPTO application themselves often face rejection for many reasons, leading to wasted application fees and lost time. The most common mistake is misidentifying which of the 45 trademark classes their mark falls under. Incomplete applications that are missing crucial information are often returned.  Even if you succeed in registering your mark, your DIY efforts may have failed to secure the broadest scope of legal rights available to you. Don’t let paperwork mishaps or the mirage of legal protection lead you astray.

Dunlap Law, the only choice for trademark lawyer near Richmond, VA, can prepare your application accurately, promptly respond to any legal correspondence from the USPTO, and follow the application process through its course to its conclusion. Once your trademark has been approved, your trademark attorney can also help  enforce and maintain your trademark rights, and shield you from any fraudulent solicitation. We can help protect  your trademark.

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What is the difference between a trademark attorney and a patent attorney?

There are many similar terms that might confuse you when searching for a trademark attorney. For example, there is a difference between a trademark attorney and a patent attorney. A trademark attorney helps clients obtain trademarks, which relates to logo or business name exclusivity for businesses. The patent attorney is responsible for helping clients register a patent for a process or tangible product. There is also a difference between a trademark agent and trademark attorney. A trademark agent is not a licensed attorney, and can assist you in completing an application, but cannot give you legal advice. This is an important differentiation that could substantially cost you later if you opt out of necessary legal representation.

What does it cost to hire a trademark lawyer in Richmond, Virginia?

Dunlap Law offers unique pricing options including subscription services, flat fee projects and hourly rates.  We research and prepare trademark registration applications under our flat fee pricing option.

Why should you choose Dunlap Law’s trademark attorneys in Richmond, VA?

First, we are greater Virginia’s authority with trademark law advice tailored to your specific needs. Second, Dunlap Law’s trademark attorneys in Richmond, VA, have years of experience and can represent your interests from ideas to reality. We also offer additional services such as trademark renewal filings, change of ownership, licensing agreements, and more. At Dunlap Law, we clearly explain the costs associated with hiring trademark attorneys.

We cannot wait to provide you with a trademark attorney consultation. Dunlap Law’s trademark lawyer helps Richmond, VA, businesses become competitive and thrive in this ever changing economy. Let Dunlap Law deliver for you.  Call today at 804-931-1158.

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