Is your business ready for the CCPA?

On January 1, 2020, California will be the first state with significant privacy regulations for any business doing business in California and handling the personal information (PI) of California residents. This new law, called the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will affect many businesses that are not physically based in California.

Check out our latest article for a high-level overview of the CCPA and what steps you can take now to get your business ready

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From one goal to the next, you’re always looking ahead:  Thinking about this quarter’s payroll and next quarter’s strategy.

You’ve learned how to lead and handled challenges that came out of nowhere.

The hardest part about business is making decisions when there is no clear answer and imperfect data. That’s when good advice from someone you trust really matters. Someone who helps you navigate risks and protect what you’re building. Someone who gets your mission.

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General Counsel
Dunlap Law serves as outside general counsel contributing experience and understanding of business risks and opportunities to help clients reach practical goals.  But, the truth is, there’s no shortage of lawyers who can fill that roll.
Our mission is bigger.
We partner with clients in consultation and deliberation toward a common cause for the common good. Because business decisions are almost never only legal issues, we seek wisdom first. When appropriate we bring that understanding to your most difficult dilemmas. We hope our work empowers you to make ethical and well-reasoned business judgments every day.
U.S. Business Law & Policy

Data Privacy & Security / Cybersecurity

International Trade

Trademark & Copyright


Virginia & D.C. Business Law

Virginia & D.C. Business Law

Forming Business Entities

Corporate Actions and Records

Corporate Governance

Business Mergers & Acquisitions

Licenses, Contracts & Leases

Noncompete & Nondisclosure Agreements

Complying with Virginia or D.C. Regulations

Business Crisis / Business Divorce or Dissolution


What business owners are saying

“It is a pleasure working with you. I like your entrepreneurial spirit. I appreciate that you let me and my CPA work through the terms of the deal without interrupting us. You let us do our jobs and gave us legal advice when we needed it without having to comment on everything.”

Graham Aston, President, Paul Saunders Roofing, Inc.

Tricia has helped me through the ups-and-downs of building a business from scratch.  I trust her with my business because I know she faces the same challenges!  From maneuvering through trademark challenges to transitioning our business into a better corporate structure, Tricia has helped me sleep better at night – and do the right thing by my team!

Sara Harper, Founder & CEO – Grounded Growth LLC

I love that Tricia operated with a high level of integrity, tenacity, and straightforward communication. As a small business owner every dollar matters and I was never surprised by the invoice amount.   I received excellent service and great value. Tricia is a skilled negotiator and is not easily caught off guard.  She stays true to her core values by operating with diplomacy and tact. I loved working with Dunlap Law!

Tawanda Johnson, Founder & CEO, RKL Resources

“If I could, I’d recommend you to everybody.  You’re very practical.  You get to the point and you’re helpful.  I think you’re great.”

Chris Earley: CEO, Greening Urban LLC (client since 2012)

“Working with Tricia Dunlap has been a true partnership.  She made it her mission to understand our business in order to offer us legal advice and support that keeps us safe and professional.” 

Zee Worstell CEO, AccelerateHER

Certified B Corp

Certified B Corp
"B Corps
use profits and growth as their means to a greater end: positive impact for their employees, community, and environment."

Dunlap Law is proud to be the first Virginia or DC law firm to earn Certified B-Corporation status!  At Dunlap Law we are committed to empowering women and girls to pursue their passions.

More on our B Corp 

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