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Drafting, Review, and Analysis

Your small business needs a contract
to use with its clients.


Maybe you’re about to hire your first employee and you need an employment agreement.


Your small business relies on independent contractors.  You’ve got to have a thoughtfully written contract with each of them to protect your business against claims that they are really employees and reduce the risk of litigation.


The handshake agreement you just reached with an important business ally needs to be memorialized in writing.

These reasons and more keep Dunlap Law attorneys busy every day.

The best contracts prevent arguments.
And litigation.

Contract drafting is a perishable skill that we hone over years of practicing law.  Contract language must be precise, and it must mean exactly what you intend, or you may find yourself out of luck or in court.

We believe that all contracts should be written in plain English without fancy legalese while still providing you with the legal protections you need.  We omit the “heretofores” and the “notwithstandings” that most lawyers use.  Our contracts use plain words so that after memories fade, everyone who reads a Dunlap Law contract will reach the same, intended conclusions as to what the terms mean.

Good news!
Contract drafting is included as a deliverable in our subscriptions packages, and we often quote flat fees.

Businessman working with documentation desk

What about contracts you’ve received from someone else?

As a business owner, you sign contracts every day. How many times have you thought, “maybe I should have this contract reviewed by a lawyer?” 

When it comes to important legal documents, hiring Dunlap Law to advise you is money well spent. 

Costly (and sometimes catastrophic) mistakes often result when business owners agree to a poorly written contract.

Here are five reasons to put the pen down
and let Dunlap Law review your next business contract:

Lower Risk & Avoid Costly Mistakes

It’s impossible to predict the future, but our attorneys have the legal experience to review your contract terms and identify potential problems and pitfalls for your business down the road.

Protect Your Business Interests

When you’re receiving a business contract from the other side, it’s likely that the document was drafted by their lawyer. We help you level the playing field by understanding your goals and working to protect your best interests

Increase Your

Negotiation always beats litigation. We proactively identify terms in a business contract that present an opportunity to be renegotiated and recommend language you can use in negotiations. Let us help you enter into more profitable partnerships.

Strengthen Business Relationships

Set your business partnerships on a path to success. We can ensure that your business contracts clearly define the responsibilities of all parties and provide fair terms for dispute resolution. Avoid common errors that are inevitably caused by poorly written contracts.

Have Confidence and Peace of Mind

Stop worrying about what you don’t know. Our independent counsel helps you fully understand the terms you’re agreeing to and how the contract will affect your business. Rest easy knowing your interests are protected, terms mirror what’s normal in the market, and that your agreement is binding.

Affordable, Flat-Fee Contract Reviews

Legal document

Our Contract Review Services include an initial consultation phone call followed by a detailed review of your legal document. Afterward, you’ll get a written contract analysis showing potential issues as “red, yellow, or green” flags.

Red Flag Issues

Terms that we strongly recommend renegotiating or should otherwise be considered ‘deal breakers.’ Red flag issues can be toxic and should be addressed before proceeding.

Yellow Flag Issues

Terms that merit caution and should be renegotiated if possible. If renegotiation isn’t possible, understanding these areas will help you avoid a breach of contract.

Green Flag Issues

Terms that may require some special care on your part to remain in compliance.

For both red and yellow flag issues, our attorneys offer practical recommendations that reflect terms we commonly see in the marketplace.  We empower you to negotiate with the other side. We also provide alternate contract-worthy language to revise the terms to your best interest. The contract review service includes a follow-up consultation so that you can get answers to any questions that could arise during your contract negotiation process.

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