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Business Lawyers and Corporate Attorneys: Serving Richmond and Greater Virginia

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A business starts with an idea. It grows with hard work. It succeeds with clear direction, avoiding mistakes, and smart decisions. Dunlap Law’s business law and corporate law attorneys of Virginia can help with all three. Business owners juggle competing  demands on their time.  They need trusted advice and resources that support sound corporate law or business law decision making. Corporate law and business law play an integral role in the formation, day-to-day management, and dissolution of commercial entities. The experienced team at Dunlap Law offers professional legal guidance for your company. This includes helping business owners navigate through all aspects of corporate law and business law so they can focus on actually running the business.

What You Need to Know about Corporate and Business Law

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What is corporate law and business law?

Corporate law encompasses how businesses or organizations are structured, formed, governed, merged, acquired or sold, and dissolved.  During the formation stage of starting your business in Virginia, Dunlap Law’s corporate attorneys based out of Richmond, VA, are an asset. We can advise you on how to  structure your business and ensure that its articles of incorporation or articles of organization reflect the structure you need.  

Business law / commercial law concerns business-to-business or business-to-consumer deals, contracts, leases, license agreements,  regulations, and more. At Dunlap Law, we focus solely on the corporate and business law needs of small businesses. As Virginia business lawyers, we are long-term, trusted advisors there for your day-to-day business legal needs, from supplier issues to employee disputes.  Corporate law and business law are what we do at Dunlap Law.


What are some areas of law included under this umbrella?

  • Commercial law involves the transfer of goods and services from one entity to another. For example, the sale of a dump truck to a landscaping company and the sale of social media marketing services are commercial transactions. Dunlap Law, your business lawyer based in Richmond, VA, can advise on federal, state, and local government regulations within the commercial realm. We structure and document transactions and support you when transactions might not go as planned. Our superior negotiation and drafting skills support your business success. We are your partner in commercial law.
  • Corporate law deals with governance and your entity’s structure as an LLC, stock corporation (S-Corp or C-Corp), non-stock corporation, or benefit corporation. Corporate law covers incorporation or organization,  articles of incorporation or articles of organization, shareholder or member rights, director responsibilities, fiduciary duties, board meetings, and more. If disputes arise among a corporation’s shareholders, directors, or officers or among members of a limited liability company, counsel from Dunlap Law’s corporate attorneys may resolve the business dispute.
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What You Need to Know about Corporate and Business Law

What are the most important advantages of having Dunlap Law as your corporate law firm?

  • We are experts in corporate law and business law, so you don’t have to be. If you own a barbecue restaurant, your attorney won’t tell you what to add to the spice rub. You are the pitmaster and you decide what you want to achieve in your business.  Dunlap Law’s small business lawyers are your legal partners in figuring out how to achieve your goals. At Dunlap Law, our goal is to steer our clients around icebergs, rather than fix the damage caused by hitting them.  Our subscription plans allow you to engage with our corporate law team proactively, avoiding  potential legal conflicts and liabilities. We are your business lawyer in Richmond, VA, to keep you informed about changing statutes and advise you about language in policies and contracts that may not represent your best interests.

  • We help you protect the investment you’ve made in your business and workforce. Competition can be fierce, and Dunlap Law is ready to represent your corporate law interests. There can be a substantial cost when your business doesn’t have the proper legal advice and representation. Instead, invest in the experience of Dunlap Law, your corporate lawyer in Richmond.

What is the best way to hire a lawyer for your business in Richmond, Virginia?

  • Determine the needs of your business and its maturity.  For example, if you are starting a business then hiring a small business attorney is best done before you form your business because we can  assist in structuring terms and choosing the best entity type. For more mature businesses that have an in-house attorney, you might seek a business law firm in Virginia to assist with specific pending contracts, negotiations, or employee-related issues. Regardless of your company’s or organization’s maturity, Dunlap Law is your small business attorney in Richmond, VA.

  • Do your research. Hiring a law firm in Richmond, VA, to best represent your values and meet your unique needs takes more than a quick internet search. Investigate the firm’s website. Read about their history and areas of expertise. Consult with other business owners and seek referrals to law firms in Virginia that have earned their trust. Check the Virginia State Bar’s attorney database to assess the good standing of business lawyers in Richmond. Once you’ve researched corporate law representation in Richmond and the state of Virginia, if Dunlap Law’s experience and philosophy fits your company or organization, then we hope you’ll get in touch and book a free consultation.  Don’t ignore the importance of finding a firm that will be available to you quickly anywhere in Virginia. Because Dunlap Law’s business lawyers cover the whole state, we can help small business owners and nonprofit organizations statewide.  We offer virtual consultations when you need them. When you consider hiring a corporate lawyer in Virginia, consultation and availability are vital to finding the right match for your business. As with any relationship, you want a corporate law firm that supports your values, listens to your concerns, and offers clear communication. Dunlap Law’s business lawyers in Richmond, VA, and throughout Virginia, value their long-term, trusted relationships with clients.

Hire Dunlap Law for your Business and Corporate Law Solutions

Dunlap Law is your business lawyer in Richmond, VA and throughout Virginia. We are recognized by our peers and business leaders as one of the best law firms in Virginia, and our focus on corporate law means we continually educate, empower and emphasize without our small business clients. Our mission is to serve as your strategic partner in protecting everything you’ve worked hard to achieve. At Dunlap Law, we take a holistic view of your mission and challenges and build practical approaches your small business can actually use. In addition, we value enduring and genuine relationships with our clients, with a bit of laughter thrown in along the way. If you want a corporate lawyer who doesn’t just see your business as another number, Dunlap Law may be a fit for you. Of all law firms in Virginia, Dunlap Law provides the personalized service your business deserves.

Contact Dunlap Law today at 804-931-1158 to schedule your corporate law consultation or learn about our business legal services serving Richmond and all of Virginia.


Is a corporate lawyer the same as a business lawyer?

Not exactly! Corporate law broadly refers to how businesses are formed, managed, and governed. Business law, however, refers to how businesses operate, including employment negotiations, contracts, and taxes. Corporate law is generally considered to be a subset of business law that focuses on the formation of the business entity. Dunlap Law has small business lawyers based in Richmond, VA, who handle both corporate and business law matters throughout the state of Virginia.

Should you consult a lawyer when starting a business in Virginia?

Whether your business is in Richmond, VA, or anywhere in the state of Virginia, you should consult with a corporate attorney to make sure that your business is set up to succeed. There are many legal aspects to consider when starting a Virginia business, like management structure, shareholder rights, and following state and federal regulations that apply to your business.

What is the purpose of a business attorney?

Business attorneys have a broad knowledge base of laws that deal with running a business. From helping with hiring and firing practices to managing the legal issues around a delayed delivery, a business lawyer helps protect and represent your business. Our clients in Richmond and throughout Virginia count on the business and corporate lawyers at Dunlap Law . We strive to be an advisor you can count on.

Why are lawyers important for small businesses in Virginia?

Having a corporate lawyer and business lawyer that can assist in the setting up and running of your company could be the difference between thriving or failing. Dunlap Law’s lawyers know both corporate and business law and are ready to tackle your legal needs so you can focus on what you do best – running a successful business!

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