Complying with Regulations

Your small business just landed its first government contract.


You’d better be ready to comply with applicable regulations and the terms of the contract or it may be the last government contract you ever land. 

From cybersecurity to Davis-Bacon Act regulations, government contracts are no joke when it comes to regulatory compliance.

Failure to comply could land you in prison.  Heather Hormel Miller has deep expertise in government contracting.

She can help you stay in compliance with regulations and contractual FARS and DFARS terms.

Employee Handbooks

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Recent changes to Virginia’s employment law landscape require most small business owners to update their policies and practices.

Did you know that, in Virginia, an employee handbook might be considered a contract with your employees?

What you consider to be routine employee discipline could violate the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Virginia Values Act.

Multiple Regulations


Every small business owner must navigate a maze of regulations from local, state, and federal governments. A local zoning ordinance may limit your ability to run your small business from your home or prohibit it altogether.

How can you thread that needle?

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Virginia’s COVID-19 workplace safety regulations apply to every single employer in the Commonwealth and were the first state standards, nationwide.  President Biden’s  executive order on COVID-19 vaccination or testing also impacts many employers.

Dunlap Law’s attorneys understand these scenarios because we’ve been there with our small business clients. We can help.