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Soles2share-nonprofit-statusIf every journey begins with a single step, then Soles2Share is on the right track. Last year, I met Robin Telfian and was blown away by her big heart and commitment to making a positive change in the world. If you want some feel-good news in your day, keep reading.


In 2017, through her work in Richmond soup kitchens, Robin met David Hewlett and that conversation changed their lives. David needed shoes. So did his friends. “What happens to shoes after a big race?” David wondered.


And that simple question gave Robin a very big idea: what if running shoes, which elite runners only keep for a short while before buying a new pair, could be collected, cleaned, and given to homeless or struggling Richmonders? She partnered up with Jeff Wells and his stores, Fleet Feet Sports to collect new and lightly-used running shoes for re-distribution to those who need them. But she didn’t just make the shoes available – first come, first served. Using the pop-up store model, Robin and her volunteers welcome their guests with dignity, a comfortable chair, and new socks. Each guest is then fitted for shoes and given a pair in their size.


A few months into her mission, Robin and I met through my client SonaBank. Michelle Simon, SVP and CMO at SonaBank knew that I would love Robin’s vision and that Robin needed to incorporate as a nonprofit and earn 501c3 status from the IRS. As a B-Corp, Dunlap Law is committed to making more than profits – it makes a difference too – and so I’m proud to be pro bono counsel to Soles2Share. Today, Robin received confirmation that Soles2Share’s 501c3 status is official! I’m celebrating by making a donation. Join me and click on DONATE to support this worthy cause!


Oh and if your teenager has outgrown the athletic shoes you just bought, you know what to do….

2018 update: Soles2Share is now “SHOOD“. Read more here.