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So, you did it!  You formed your LLC. But when you filed the paperwork, there was a spot that asked for your “registered agent” information. Maybe you listed yourself if you were filing the paperwork.  Maybe the legal website you checked suggested that you use its faceless service for $300 a year and you decided to do that.

Here are four reasons why using a local LLC attorney as your registered agent is a better deal:

Reason #1: Same Cost, Better Value

Those nameless, faceless legal website corporations will charge your business around $300 a year for registered agent services. Fun fact: that’s exactly what Dunlap Law charges our existing LLC clients for registered agent services. So, same cost, what’s the value?

Using your friendly local business attorney and LLC lawyer as your RA has a few distinct advantages.  The most important being that you now have a relationship with a local business lawyer.  You’ll be on our radar, so if you need something, we’re that much closer to jumping in and helping you!

Reason #2: We Take Care of the Annual Administration for You

This one is super applicable if you signed yourself up to be your own registered agent. Did you know you have to refile every year with the Virginia SCC to keep your LLC active? There’s an associated fee, but don’t worry, your $300 to Dunlap Law covers that fee! Plus, you have the distinct advantage of knowing that one more administrative burden has been lifted from your shoulders. We see you, small-business-owner-with-too-much-to-do.  Let us ease that burden for you!   If you forget and fail to file and pay in time, then the SCC will terminate your LLC.  Yes, it can be reinstated for up to five years.  But those late fees add up quickly and the reinstatement paperwork is just one more burden.  Simplify and let us – your new business attorney –  complete this critically important task.

Reason #3: Add a Layer of Privacy Without Missing a Thing

Registered agents must provide a physical address where they can be reliably found during standard business hours.  If your business is home-based, and you serve as your own RA, then your home address will be public record.  As business lawyers, when we see an address that is obviously a residence, it is a clear “tell” that the business owner does not have an attorney on their side.  Plus, you may not want your private address out there for the world to see.   Or, maybe you’d rather not have customers see you get served with a lawsuit.  Whatever your reason, having one of our LLC attorneys as your RA can prevent awkward or embarrassing moments for you down the line. Plus, you get the peace of mind knowing that a Virginia business law firm that cares about you and the local community will receive the lawsuit and jump to action to help you get things sorted out.  Which leads me to my final point…

Reason #4: We Know What Needs to Happen

So, you got served.  Now what? When do you have to respond?  How do you respond?  Or, maybe your forgot to renew your LLC.  Where were you supposed to send that SCC renewal notice (and didn’t I JUST do this?!)? Simple solution: let us help you! We navigate these issues every day, so let us point you in the right direction, or take care of the issue for you.

Dunlap Law’s investment in the local community, and especially in our small business owners, makes us a great partner and member of your small business team.  I rest my case:  lawyer local and get better results! We look forward to working with you as your future RA (and don’t worry, we can handle changing that over for you, too)!

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