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Vital Signs Checkup

We tapped into our collective 85+ years of business law experience to create the questions below.  While these questions measure the “vital signs” of business law issues that are fundamental to your business success, in our experience most respondents struggle to answer these questions. That’s not only totally normal, that’s how it should be.


Because you should not be deeply involved in the nitty gritty of legal compliance.  It’s not the best use of your time.  Leave the nitty gritty to us so you can focus on what you do best:

creating a vision and building toward it. 

So, please do your best to answer these questions, but don’t sweat it if you can’t.  During your free consultation, we’ll go deeper to learn your needs and help you set priorities.

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For-profit Corporation VSC

Legal Disputes VSC


Nonprofit Corporation VSC

Sole Proprietorship VSC


Estate Planning VSC

Legal Disputes VSC

NIL Licensing VSC


Real Estate VSC

Starting a Business VSC

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