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Virginia & D.C. Business Law

Virginia & DC Business Law

We walk alongside our small and mid-sized business law clients in long-term, strategic partnership to help them realize goals by managing risks and seizing opportunities.

What We Do

Business Law is All We Do

We are a business law firm. Legal advice for small and mid-sized businesses is our sole focus.

We are all business, all the time.

Building a business is complex. You need business lawyers who are laser-focused on the latest developments in corporate best practices, Virginia and D.C. business law, and emerging issues such as data privacy and security.

If you agree, then we’re the right lawyers for your business.

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Virginia and D.C. Business Law Services

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Buying, selling, or merging businesses
  • Preparing your business for sale
  • Due diligence reviews

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Regulation Compliance

  • Environmental regulations
  • Data privacy
  • Nonprofit rules
  • Comply with state laws

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Business Crisis

  • LLC or partnership divorce
  • Leadership and board disputes
  • Spouses-as-business-partners divorce

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Document Preparation and Analysis

  • Licenses
  • Business contracts
  • Leases
  • Non-compete & non-disclosure agreements

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How We Can Help

Sound corporate governance is essential to protecting corporate value.

As business attorneys, we help directors and officers understand and comply with their company’s governing documents and applicable corporate law.

Our counsel on how to govern your small business or mid-sized company and, if necessary, amend your governing documents takes your business model, maturity, and goals into account.

Whether you’re running an LLC, a C-Corp or S-Corp, social enterprise, a benefit corporation or B Corp (there’s a difference!), we ensure your governing documents reflect your business model. As a B Corp and the first law firm to litigate a benefit proceeding, we are well-positioned to understand unique governance models.

Why Choose Dunlap Law?

We offer quality business law services. But every other law firm will claim that too, so here’s something the other business law firms can’t all brag about.

Dunlap Law isn’t a stuffy law office filled with a bunch of suits. Dunlap Law is women-owned community-focused. 

Dunlap Law is a forward-thinking and evolving law firm. We provide free resources and a streamlined client experience with our client portal. Our client portal makes accessing documents, booking appointments, and payments quick and easy.

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