Tricia Dunlap

Tricia Dunlap

Tricia Dunlap

"Upon first meeting Tricia Dunlap, you'll notice 3 things immediately; energy, passion and determination. As you get to know her, you'll understand why she is considered a trusted legal counsel and partner to business owners. When she explains complex concepts with simple clarity, you'll experience her teaching roots. Sitting in the audience of one of her speaking engagements, you'll realize that she is a force for good in the world."

Complex ideas, explained simply

Tricia Dunlap’s years as a National Board Certified Teacher honed her ability to turn complicated ideas into relevant and accessible information.

She blends her knowledge, charisma, and humor into an approach tailored for your organization.

As an experienced public speaker, Tricia will:

Understand your goals for the presentation

Learn about your audience and their points of view

Offer actionable and inspiring next steps

Tricia Dunlap

Tricia DunlapAt age 40 with two teenagers at home, Tricia Dunlap leapt from teaching to law school. After several years at a global BigLaw firm, she made another leap and started Dunlap Law to satisfy her desire for greater freedom and her nerdy love for solving gnarly problems.

Dunlap Law is committed to helping good people start good businesses in order to benefit the community because Tricia truly believes that business can be a force for good. She is determined that Dunlap Law will be more than a solid business – it will also make positive impacts on the local community and the world.

Tricia provides counsel to a wide variety of clients on general business law, IP, licensing and contracts, and regulatory compliance. With recognized expertise in corporate sustainability, she also focuses on how businesses measure and manage their nonfinancial risks, whether that means environmental issues like climate change, social issues like human rights, or emerging legal issues such as data privacy and cybersecurity among many other legal topics and issues.

Tricia joined the Advisory Board of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board  and served on the Consumption Industry Working Group, giving SASB feedback on proposed sustainability standards for companies in that economic sector.  Working with a small team of other SASB Subject Matter Experts, Tricia helped create the Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) Level 1 and Level 2 credentialing exams. Tricia is proud to hold the credential she helped create.

Because she is a glutton for punishment and every business faces challenges with data privacy and cybersecurity, Tricia holds the Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US) credential from the International Association of Privacy Professionals. She is also 2020-2021 co-chair of the IAPP's KnowledgeNet, Richmond Chapter.

Recent Speaking Topics

“Why We’re Called ‘Counsel’ – How a Good Lawyer Brings Value to Business”

Cybersecurity: The Monster Hiding In Every Closet”

Law & Ethics”

“The Future of Impact Investing in Public Markets”

“Beyond Finance: ESG Investing in the New Millennium”

“Developments in EU Cross-Border Governance” (sustainability disclosures in the EU)

Recent Speaking Engagements

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