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More About Our Legal Subscription Services

Our legal subscription services resulted from two years of research and development. Disrupting the traditional law firm model is not easy. To protect Dunlap Law PLC’s intellectual property, we are limiting the information available on our website. If you were our client, we’d advise you to do the same!

Therefore, the information on this website page is intended to provide a high-level, general overview of our membership-based plans. Of course, terms and conditions apply. For more information, please complete a Vital Signs Checkup and book a free consult. Prior to your consultation, we will provide you with the nitty-gritty details. During your consultation, we will happily review plan details and help you choose the plan that best fits your business or organization.


To learn more, submit your Vital Signs Checkup and book a free consult.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is “unlimited access” really UNLIMITED?


If you need to speak with your primary attorney, then you can email them, use their scheduling link, or log-in to your secure Dunlap Law client portal, find your attorney’s calendar, and schedule a call. Unless it is a hair-on-fire emergency, we ask that you give your attorney the courtesy of scheduling and a quick note about why you want to talk (e.g. “Need to talk with you about the terms of the contract with NewCo.”). Prior to your scheduled call, please take a few moments to organize your thoughts and access any relevant documents that you’ll need to refer to during the call. If your attorney doesn’t already have the same documents, it helps if you send them when you schedule the call.

If you need some quick feedback by email, then shoot your primary attorney an email explaining what’s on your mind. We strive to respond quickly to all emails.

Now, let’s be candid with each other. The traditional law firm model of high hourly rates prevents you from getting help proactively. That’s bad. This new, subscription model is intended to let us be your proactive, strategic partner but it relies on subscribers exercising some discernment. So far, it is working very well for everyone!

Will my legal subscription service cover everything I need?

That’s unlikely unless we build a custom plan based on your needs. For one thing, we serve a wide range of clients across many industries and sectors, and of many sizes. It would be nigh impossible to structure three legal subscription services to fit every possible need of our diverse client base. For another, each client is unique. Finally, your needs will evolve over time as we work together.

The beauty of the subscription is that you have a sound baseline that you can count on at a known, predictable monthly cost.

The most important lawyering we do is the advice we give. That’s why we made unlimited access our touchstone for every plan. We are here for you, and you can count on that.

Do you pro-rate the monthly fee for the first month?


If I decide to add an hourly general counsel matter, I know that being a subscriber gets me a discount. But do I still have a pay a trust request up front, or do I get invoiced?

You get a discounted hourly rate of either 5%, 8%, or 10%, depending upon your subscription level! Prior to beginning work on an hourly-priced matter, we require clients to pay advanced fees into our trust account to support our work for them. Because you’re a subscriber, you pay a reduced trust request equal to the amount the attorney estimates your hourly matter will cost.

What’s excluded?

Litigation (either plaintiff or defense) and defense of any government enforcement action are excluded from coverage under all subscription plans.

However, depending on the nature of the issue, we may represent a subscription client on an hourly rate basis by providing oversight of a litigation attorney or another attorney whose specialty knowledge is necessary.

Why do you ask for a six-month commitment?

We ask for at least a six-month commitment because we have learned that it takes time to develop our relationships with clients. Over time, as our relationship deepens and we learn your business, our effectiveness as your counsel increases.

Early termination is permitted. However, we will bill you for the greater of either (i) actual time we invested into your matter (at the undiscounted hourly rates in effect at the time you cancel) or (ii) for the project-based flat fees we quoted, minus the total you paid for your subscription. We will provide an itemized invoice for your review and automatically charge the account you provided us at the time you enrolled.

What if, for a short stretch, I need more Included Deliverables than my plan includes?

It happens and we get it. Sometimes your needs will spike, and you might need more Included Deliverables than your monthly allotment permits. We will do our best to let you “jump the line” for an up-charge for a month or two. If your needs increase for a sustained length of time, then we’ll discuss upgrading your plan.


Imagine that you are an Advocate subscriber and thus you’re entitled to 1 Included Deliverable per month. Suddenly, during the same month when we are already working on one of your high priority Included Deliverables, the shit hits the fan and you need an additional Included Deliverable. Contingent on our availability and existing workflows, we will fulfill an additional Included Deliverable in that same month for an up-charge of $500. The amount of the up-charge may vary depending on what you need.

Will you change the plans you’re currently offering?

 Probably. We are an innovative firm, determined to thoughtfully re-invent our services and offerings when needed based on client feedback, emerging opportunities, and advances in technology. We reserve the right to modify packages at any time, with notice.

Can I change which plan I’m using?

You can change your package after six months.


We may evaluate a subscriber’s actual use of our services and adjust that subscriber’s monthly fee with thirty days’ written notice. Fee adjustments are NOT retroactive. We also reserve the right to tailor a custom package to our clients based on the complexity of their needs, their historic or anticipated utilization, or because the client desires to work with a partner-level attorney, or for any other reasonable factor.

The attorney-client relationship is exactly that – a relationship – and it must be mutually beneficial.

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