Solopreneurs, freelancers, side hustlers, and scrappy dreamers….

We see you. You matter too. In fact, you matter so much that we’ve invested two years into re-inventing legal, so it we can serve your needs at an affordable, predictable price.

Launching in 2023!

Small Business Sentry:
Bite-sized Legal Advice for 

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When the waitlist reaches 198 microbusinesses,

we will launch Small Business Sentry.

Bite-sized legal advice tailored to your needs

Who Are Learning Communities For?

Learning Communities are for all Virginia business owners who recognize the value of both expert advice and also a community of fellow business owners. One of our business attorneys will address your concern and other business owners might ask questions you never thought of.

Dunlap Law’s Learning Communities will provide legal solutions and services for business owners who otherwise do without. This provides more security for any business owner operating on a shoe string — young business owners, minority business owners, aspiring business owners, non-profits, and more.


We believe everyone should have access to legal advice.

Thanks to Dunlap Law for keeping the budgetary needs of small businesses top of mind. I recently participated in a Learning Community session which saved me thousands of dollars in legal fees.

What a great solution to meet the needs of small businesses!

H.B. Miller

The answers to [my] question alone were worth the price of admission and time spent. I learned from every question that others asked. I’m seriously considering joining another LC session and just listening (although I can probably come up with another question).

Chris D.