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Shannon tingle

Paralegal Shannon Tingle joined Dunlap Law with 14 years of paralegal experience that includes real estate, family law, estate law, and she specializes in bankruptcy and business law. She believes that knowledge is power. This led her to getting a degree in paralegal studies to further her in the work she is passionate about. She is dedicated to helping clients through empathy, education, and empowerment. She is enthusiastic about Dunlap Law’s Learning Communities and always looks forward to hosting each session.

She is the mom of 3 adult sons and is proud to be the grandma of 2 beautiful granddaughters. This year she has been on a personal journey through the Larger Than Life coaching program. She has begun to transform and find strength in getting out of her comfort zone. She has discovered a love for hiking, Zumba, and lifting weights. She believes that the key to living “Larger Than Life” starts with integrity by keeping your promises to yourself. If you allow your personal integrity to overflow your cup, it will enrich all areas of your life.

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