Practice manager at dunlap law

Practice Manager Peri Pardo’s friends joke that she has more lives than a cat: she has been a massage therapist and instructor, built and sold numerous businesses and organizations, and worked as a private chef, just to name a few of her accomplishments. But one thing has remained constant: her optimistic outlook. So when Peri found herself at a crossroads in her life and her friend of over 30 years, Tricia Dunlap, offered her a job at Dunlap Law, she pounced on it, not wanting to miss the opportunity to align herself with other people of integrity and vision. She currently serves as Dunlap Law’s Practice Manager and “happiness maximizer.” Peri’s life experiences allow her to see the bigger picture and work through obstacles and risks. She loves helping our clients navigate twists and turns as they realize their business dreams, and she is an expert troubleshooter and problem-solver who genuinely cares about people. If you have a challenge, Peri will help you tackle it with optimism and a solution-oriented approach until a resolution is reached, and she will do it with a smile!

A current Virginia resident, Peri has also lived in Ecuador and traveled through much of South America. She enjoys infusing Latin spices into her cooking and even served an entire “traditional” Thanksgiving dinner by using ingredients inspired by South America: chilies, avocados, cilantro, limes, and jicama.


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