Client Stories

The Flower Guy Bron

We meet people every day and it can be hard to predict who will still matter in twenty years.

Tricia met Bron Hansboro about twenty years ago. At the time, she was a history teacher at Thomas Dale High School in Chester, VA. He was one of roughly 140 students whom she taught that year. From the start, Tricia saw something unique and very special about Bron. He is a big dreamer matched by bold action. He’s funny and full of positive energy. He’s a joy to be near.

Back then, Tricia needed a babysitter, so as many high school teachers do, Tricia asked Bron if he wanted to babysit.  This is one of the perqs of being a high school teacher – great babysitters! For the next several years, Bron babysat from time to time.  He became part of Tricia’s family and she became part of his.

After graduation from Thomas Dale, Bron went to Howard University and Tricia drove up one weekend to visit him. Like Tricia, Bron became a teacher but his real passion was flowers. In 2014, Bron started The Flower Guy Bron, LLC as a side gig. Finally, a few years ago, he left teaching and threw his whole self into his business. Bron is incredibly creative, translating his energy and boldness into flower design. If you need wedding flowers look no further.

Now Tricia and Dunlap Law serve The Flower Guy Bron LLC, providing counsel on a variety of business law issues and helping protect the brand through trademarks. 

In 2019, Tricia got married. She told Bron some of her wedding details and what her dress looked like. She gave him creative license to do whatever he felt would be right. Tricia had no idea what the flowers would look like until the morning of the wedding.  She loved Bron’s work that day – he nailed it – and enjoyed being surprised.  Long relationships like this one have a foundation of trust that is irreplaceable.

While Bron and Tricia’s relationship is incomparable, this kind of long-term partnership is exactly what Dunlap Law strives to create with all of its clients. 

The Flower Guy Bron