Someone is leaving fake, 1-star reviews that are hurting my business.  What can I do?

I’m a shareholder in a small corporation and I’m having trouble getting financial records for the company.  What are my rights?

Three years ago, I started an LLC with a friend.  Now I want out.  What can I do?

These common questions and more inspired us to create

Learning Communities

Affordable legal answers for small business owners.

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Quality, affordable flat-fee legal advice only $59 (limited time, introductory price)

What Are Learning Communities?

Micro and small businesses are an essential part of the American story. Unfortunately, for too many, the traditional legal system is opaque, expensive, and intimidating.

 As a result, business owners ignore legal problems or DIY a “solution.” 

Often, sometimes years later, they wind up spending far more money addressing the fresh problems that arose because they didn’t get the right help when they needed it.

To address this gap, we are innovating.  

Our Solution – Learning Communities

Our new Learning Communities initiative creates a virtual forum where business owners can get  legal advice and learn from one another.  

When you sign up for a Learning Community, we will complete a conflict check to make sure we can represent you or your business.  Once cleared, we will send you a simple engagement letter and then you can submit your legal question to our attorneys.  

During a video call with no more than 9 other businesses, your lawyer will address your question.  

Not only will you get expert legal advice, but you’ll also learn from the other legal dilemmas presented on the call.  You can participate anonymously and with your video off so no one can identify you.  We will disguise or omit all identifying information.

 Of course, many questions do not have tidy, clear-cut answers.  Sometimes, the language in a binding document will determine your options. 

That’s ok.

Our guidance can help you better understand the problem, know what to look for in relevant documents, and triage the situation so you can decide whether to commit additional resources to solving it.

Our goal is to educate and empower you for one low, flat fee, and no commitment. 

Bite-sized legal advice tailored to your needs.

Who Are Learning Communities For?

Learning Communities are for all Virginia business owners who recognize the value of both expert advice and also a community of fellow business owners. One of our business attorneys will address your concern and other business owners might ask questions you never thought of. 

Dunlap Law’s Learning Communities will provide legal solutions and services for business owners who otherwise do without. This provides more security for any business owner operating on a shoe string — young business owners, minority business owners, aspiring business owners, non-profits, and more. 

We believe everyone should have access to legal advice.

What if my business isn’t a Virginia business?   We can still help on issues related to U.S. federal laws:  trademark & copyright, bankruptcy (personal or business), HIPAA & HITECH (data privacy in the health care industry), and federal government contracting are some examples.  Not sure?  Get in touch and we’ll guide you.

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