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The Dunlap Way

Principles for Life & Business

1. We compete together; never against each other. Empowering each other is the best win of all.
2. We commit to fair play and honest hard work. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Respectfully surface concerns, seek to understand others and their perspective.
3. Celebrate wins. Take pride in quality work. We are in the game because excellence is exhilarating.
4. Have your stuff in one sock. Plan tomorrow, today. Keep your life and desk in order.
5. Love yourself and be kind to you.
6. Play and have fun!
7. Be big. Fortune favors the bold.
8. Prioritize deep, honest, long-term relationships: with one another, with clients & other professionals, and with those you love. Empathize with other humans.
9. Study successful people, think strategically, and educate yourself on options.
10. Discover what matters and decide what you want your life to be. Then make a plan and Go-rilla.

Dunlap Law PLC is a signatory to the American Bar Association’s Well-Being Pledge.

The ABA launched its Well-Being Pledge campaign in response to a 2016 national study conducted jointly by the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. The study, titled The Prevalence of Substance Use and Other Mental Health Concerns Among American Attorneys, revealed that the legal profession has higher rates of substance use disorders and mental health problems compared to other professions and the general population. Additionally, it found that there is a reluctance among legal professionals to seek help due to the stigma associated with these issues. This reluctance often exacerbates the problem, highlighting the need to change attitudes and eliminate bias related to addiction and mental health.

As part of an ongoing effort to bring about significant improvements in this area, and in support of the ABA’s work, Dunlap Law pledges to promote well-being within our firm and the legal community. You can read more about the ABA’s 7 Principles of Well-Being by clicking the button below.

We are just getting started on this firm-sponsored wellness journey. So far, to fulfill this promise, Dunlap Law has made the following commitments:

We offer the NextGen EAP program powered by an app that helps our employees find mental or physical health providers, offers crisis counseling services, financial advice coaching, mindfulness training, individualized wellness resources, health advocacy, child and elder care resources, and virtual concierge.

Dunlap Law event that include alcoholic beverages also offer quality, fun non-alcoholic beverages. No, you won’t be stuck drinking club soda while others enjoy a cocktail.

The events we create for our team to enjoy are diverse, interesting, and fun. We plan, play, and volunteer together.

We offer health, dental, and vision insurance, enhanced EAP services, 401k plus a salary match, and remote work.
Attorney compensation includes salary, commissions, and bonuses.

If you are interested in a career with Dunlap Law,
please submit a cover letter, resume, and writing sample.

An Open Letter to Potential Colleagues from Tricia Dunlap, Managing Partner

Our modern culture tells us that the best way to get ahead in your career is to change jobs everTricia dunlap, managing partner at dunlap lawy few years. As the narrative goes, this is the only way to earn more money or realize more opportunities.

I could not disagree more strongly, at least in the context of our legal profession. Success in our profession is entirely relationship driven. Yes, a great lawyer must be smart and educated, but I believe the real key to success lies in being human first. Our ability to connect with people, understand their problems and find solutions that work begins with our humanity. Building a book of business requires consistent, dedicated effort to nurture relationships over a long time. Job hopping disrupts this process, sometimes irrevocably. For lawyers, I liken job hopping to transferring colleges. Inevitably, you will lose credits, friends, and relationships with professors who know your history and respect your work. When you land at the new college, you’ve got to learn how to navigate its systems and processes. All of this disrupts forward momentum and you must work hard to regain traction.

Sometimes, you simply must move firms because the misalignment between what you want and what your current firm provides is simply too great to overcome. If that’s the spot you’re in, then I encourage you to be thoughtful and intentional before moving. Do the inner work necessary to truly know what you want your life to look like (personally and professionally). Then, think strategically about how to get the life you want. Finally, look for a firm that fits not only your strategic goals but also fits your philosophy for life and legal practice. What you seek is alignment. Fit. When you find that, you’ll find a home. Hopefully and ideally, that alignment with your new home will endure. If it does, you will almost certainly enjoy a deeply rich and rewarding life. Isn’t that the brass ring?

At Dunlap Law we celebrate differences and are committed to creating a firm where everyone can thrive regardless of whether you are a client, an attorney, or a staff member. We are a proud equal opportunity employer and workplace. We hope you will bring your whole fabulous, authentic self to work.

Aba well-being pledge

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