International Trade Law

International Trade Law

International Trade Law

International trade law requires a different lens for assessing risk. Think IP and data first. Before plotting your company's international marketing strategy, ensure that intellectual assets are protected and local data law understood.

Trademark Protection

Word Marks
Design Marks

Protecting Domestic Market Share

Using trademark, copyright, and patent to stop infringement from foreign business

Data Privacy

How you market & the information you collect may be regulated


Safeguarding IP and Data Protects Long-Term Value

We align legal strategy to business strategy so that your international economic goals drive our work, not the other way around.

Recognize that a trademark registered in the U.S. still needs local protection in other jurisdictions.

Understand the implications of trademark protection awarded to the "first to file" rather than the "first to use."

Know that many countries regulate data collection and use more heavily than the U.S. does, and adapt your global trade strategy accordingly.


Dunlap Law is proud to be an official Trade Partner of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP)

Since 1995, VEDP has encouraged development and expansion of Virginia's economy through support for international trade and development.

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