International Trade Law

Why You Need An International Trade Law Attorney

  • Navigate the ever-changing international trade law world.
  • Prevent international legal disputes.
  • Understand and assess potential risks.
  • Protect your brand and market share.
  • Secure your data and business assets.
  • Understand the implications of trademark protection awarded to the “first to file” rather than the “first to use.”

International Trade Law

International Trade Law

International trade laws are constantly changing. In 2020 we’ve seen how quickly our worlds can get turned upside down.

Our International trade lawyers are experienced and able to help you make sense of the ever-changing international trade law world. Dunlap Law is proud to provide free resources on current events in international trade law, so make sure to see our blog below!

Dunlap Law also makes videos to help clients and potential clients navigate through some of the most important legal questions. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get alerts when we make new videos. If you have more questions or would like to receive guidance on international trade law, please give us a call.

How An International Trade Law Attorney Helps

International trade law requires a different lens for assessing risk. Think IP and data first. Before planning your company’s international marketing strategy, ensure that intellectual assets are protected and local data law understood.

Trademark Protection

  • Word Marks.
  • Design Marks.
  • Trademarks registered in the U.S. still need local protection in other jurisdictions.

Protecting Domestic Market Share

  • Using trademark, copyright, and patent to stop infringement from foreign business.
  • We align legal strategy to business strategy so that your international economic goals drive our work, not the other way around.

Data Privacy

  • How you market & the information you collect may be regulated.
  • Know that many countries regulate data collection and use more heavily than the U.S. does, and adapt your global trade strategy accordingly.

Why You Should Choose An International Trade Law Attorney From Dunlap Law

Official Trade Partner of the VEDP

Dunlap Law is proud to be an official Trade Partner of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP)

Since 1995, VEDP has encouraged development and expansion of Virginia’s economy through support for international trade and development.

VEDP’s International Trade programs provide direct support to Virginia companies committed to increasing their international export sales as a corporate growth strategy. These services help companies identify potential new markets, develop market entry strategies, and locate possible distributors and representatives for products or services – all at little to no cost to the company.

International Trade Law Articles

Looking for some free information to get started? Check out these articles on international trade law and how you can start taking steps to make your business more secure. We also have videos available on our YouTube channel!

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