Impact Matters: Dunlap Law’s Commitment to Positive Impact

Dunlap Law - Tricia Dunlap - Corporate & Sustainability Counsel - Richmond, VA

As my brothers could tell you, I’ve always been purpose-driven and committed to making a positive impact on the world.  “Why couldn’t I just keep life simple,” my older brother once wondered.  I don’t know why, but wanting to leave the world better than I found it appears to be in my DNA.

Outstanding, thoughtful legal counsel will always be at the core of what we do, but Dunlap Law is also committed to measuring and managing our impact on the world around us.  Launched in September, 2015, Dunlap Law is growing into its ability to affect positive change and be accountable.  As we grow, we will continually look for new opportunities to build a more just, compassionate and sustainable world.  Here’s where we stand, so far:

Dunlap Law Metrics

 2016 Performance2017 Goals
Pro Bono Hours Goal > 5% of Total Billed Hours8.53%5%
% of Supply Chain Costs Spent with SWaM Vendors19.6%30%
% of Financial Assets Held at an Independent, Community Bank0% (Jan. - Sept.)
100% (Oct. - Dec.)
Use of 100% Renewable Electricity Through the Dominion Green Power Program 0%100% (June onward)

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