Four Things to Consider in Choosing a SaaS Platform

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SaaS products revolutionized business practices.  But, as with any business operation, risks exist.  Make sure you can spot them.  “Software as a service” (“SaaS”) is a method of delivering software that allows you to access your data from any device with an Internet connection and web browser. Think . . . Gmail, Salesforce, or Microsoft […]

An LLC Operating Agreement –  Essential to Success

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If your small business is structured as a limited liability company, then the cornerstone of your success is a well-written and signed operating agreement (“OA”).             What is a LLC Operating Agreement? An OA is a written agreement among the LLC’s members that governs (i) your obligations to one another and (ii) how the LLC […]

Corporate Giants Innovating With Sustainability-Indexed Loans

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Tying interest rates to sustainability metrics might be almost unheard of right now, but with the rapid adoption of this accounting strategy by corporate giants like Phillips and Danone, it won’t be long until companies everywhere scramble to implement syndicated sustainability-linked credit facilities of their own. The simple reason companies should, and undoubtedly will, begin […]

What Exactly IS an LLC, Anyway?

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First, a little bit of simplified history helps explain the context around LLC’s.  I know.  Bear with me. Before LLC’s emerged in the late 1990’s, businesses generally fell into two categories:  corporations and “unincorporated entities” (either a sole proprietorship (if solo) or a general partnership). Corporations are taxed separately from their owners and are subject […]