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We are business lawyers. Dunlap Law provides general legal counsel for small business with specialty advice on cybersecurity and data privacy law, federal contracting law, and bankruptcy.

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Are You Like Our Small Business Clients?

You shoulder heavy responsibilities every day and don’t have time to become an expert in business law.

From one goal to the next, you’re always looking ahead:  Thinking about this quarter’s payroll and next quarter’s strategy.

You’ve learned how to lead and handled challenges that came out of nowhere.

The hardest part about business is making decisions when there is no clear answer and imperfect data. That’s when good advice from someone you trust really matters. Someone who helps you navigate risks and protect what you’re building.

Someone who gets your mission.Business lawyers in virginia

At Dunlap Law, our North Star is to be your counsel in the truest sense of the word. If this feels right to you, we hope you’ll get in touch.

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