Employment Law

We counsel employers on every aspect
of the employer/ employee relationship.

We work with our business clients proactively to prevent, triage, defend and resolve internal and external workplace disputes, claims and litigation.

We are also at the forefront of providing strategic advice and counsel dealing with the myriad employment issues arising from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

We identify your risks and advise you on employment practices so you can effectively manage your workforce without getting snared by the constantly shifting employment law landscape. Our role is to educate you, empowering you to make sound decisions every day.


We help protect your business so you are free to grow it.

Recent changes to Virginia employment laws have increased protections for employees, elevating the importance of proactively encuring your company complies.

In today’s complex and ever-shifting environment, understanding employment law and complying is table stake for a successful business.

Whether your business is facing a dispute with an employee, wants updated employment policies and procedures, or needs ongoing, proactive counsel from a trusted employment lawyer, Dunlap Law can help.

We serve small businesses through Virginia from our headquarters in Richmond or our Shenandoah Valley office in Monterey.

Employment Law Services


Draft Policies, Procedures
and Handbooks

Reduce your risks with carefully drafted and appropriate policies, procedures, and handbooks.  Get this right now and later you are less likely to face disruptive and expensive employee turnover and disputes.


Hiring, Employee Assessment,
and Termination

Every business decision is important but decisions around hiring, assessment, and firing employees are critical.  We help you get it right and avoid the potentially ruinous costs to finances and reputation that may arise when you get it wrong.


Liabilities Audit & Compliance Advice

If you don’t know where your risks lie, you can’t protect your business from them.  Proactively auditing your employment practices provides your business with a defense to liability if you’re sued.



While our goal is to prevent litigation, sometimes it is inevitable.  We help you triage the claim and build a strategy to appropriately settle the case or defend against it. 

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