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Data Privacy Law

Data is an asset. Treat it that way.

Why You Need a Data Privacy Lawyer

  • Provide guidance to protect against a data breach.
  • Comply with state and federal law concerning data privacy (see our CCPA post)
  • Stay ahead on new data privacy law policies and guidelines.
  • Understand legal implications of your data privacy policy and guidelines.
  • Mitigate risks and damages if a data breach does occur.

Beyond IT or Compliance

Data privacy and cybersecurity are no longer simply IT problems. Your business is a data breach target.

Today, how companies collect, store, use, or sell data is subject to a patchwork of Federal and state laws that you must consider in planning corporate strategy and seeking opportunity. 

Cybersecurity is an enterprise-wide risk that must be treated with the same vigilance as more traditional business risks.  In our digital world and with interconnected supply chains, an incident or data breach at one company may ripple across many, causing major damage along the way.  

Regardless of where your company is physically based, if you do business in another state or country, then your business must comply with the law there. 

That includes data privacy and security laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act, or new laws in Nevada, and Maine.  Since 2018, twenty states have considered data privacy and security legislation to lower the chances of businesses as data breach targets.   

Understanding the legal implications that flow from data privacy and security issues is essential for business to thrive in today’s world. You need one of our Data Privacy Lawyers.

How A Data Privacy Lawyer Helps

Complying with Regulations of Personal Information (PI)

  • Collecting PI
  • Disclosing or selling PI
  • Storing PI
  • Destroying PI

Data & Business Relationships

  • Licenses
  • Business contracts
  • Cloud-based server contracts
  • Insurance policy coverage
  • Mergers & acquisitions

Business Crisis

  • Data loss
  • Data breaches malware, ransomware
  • Disputes over data ownership
  • Insurance coverage denials

Why You Should Choose A Data Privacy Lawyer From Dunlap Law

Dunlap Law offers specialty counsel in data privacy and cybersecurity from our data privacy lawyers. We are a business law firm and every business must protect its data assets to prevent becoming a data breach target. 

We are a business law firm. We provide concentrated and comprehensive expertise on all business law issues, so our data privacy lawyers can also guide you with business law counsel.

Tricia Dunlap, our founder, is a Certified Information Privacy Professional/ U.S. and the Co-Chair of the International Association of Privacy Professional’s KnowledgeNet chapter in Richmond, Virginia. 

Certified Information Privacy Professional Badge
International Association of Privacy Professionals Badge

Data Privacy Articles

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