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Commercial Litigation Services

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Commercial Litigation Attorneys

At Dunlap Law (se habla Español!), we understand that legal disputes can be complex and overwhelming for the parties trying to work through them. That’s why our dedicated team of commercial litigation attorneys is here to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. We know that litigation costs can accumulate quickly, and we work diligently to help our clients settle legal disputes outside of the court room. But when a favorable outcome cannot be reached, we’re ready to shepherd you though the litigation process to attain the outcome you deserve.

Contract Disputes

Contracts are the backbone of any business relationship, but when disputes arise, they can disrupt operations and impact your bottom line. Our experienced litigation attorneys specialize in resolving conflicts stemming from breach of contract, interpretation disputes, or contractual disagreements. We negotiate vigilantly for favorable settlements or, if necessary, litigate aggressively to protect your rights and assets.

Corporate Litigation

Disputes within companies or among business partners can jeopardize stability and undermine growth potential. Our commercial litigation attorneys have extensive experience handling a wide range of corporate disputes and litigation matters, including disputes between shareholders, partners, or corporate entities. Whether the issue concerns control, management, or ownership interests, we’ll provide strategic counsel and advocacy to resolve conflicts efficiently and effectively.

Business Torts

In the competitive landscape of business, allegations of fraud, misrepresentation, or unfair competition can have severe consequences. These business torts can cause extensive damage to companies. Whether you’re facing accusations or seeking restitution, we’ll craft a strategic approach to preserve your reputation and financial well-being.

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Commercial Litigation

From commercial transactions to real estate matters, businesses face an array of legal challenges in today’s dynamic marketplace. Our litigation attorneys have a deep understanding of commercial law and a proven track record of representing businesses in diverse commercial litigation matters. Whether you’re involved in disputes over transactions, leases, or other commercial matters, we’ll work tirelessly to advocate for your interests and achieve favorable outcomes.

Intellectual Property Disputes

Your intellectual property is a valuable asset that requires vigilant protection. Our commercial litigation attorneys are well-versed in intellectual property law and adept at litigating disputes involving trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Whether you’re combating infringement or defending your IP rights, we’ll relentlessly push to preserve your creative endeavors and innovations.

Representative Matters Litigated by Dunlap Law’s Attorneys:

· Won a $246,000 judgment plus punitive damages in a breach of fiduciary duty claim following a three-day jury trial (2016).

· Litigated a tort claim based on intentional destruction of real property. The client received a $120,000 settlement (2018).

· With co-counsel Tom Wolf, we won a favorable settlement in the first “benefit proceeding” lawsuit in the United States, Pirron v. Impact Makers, one month after filing suit. The Pirron case was a direct and derivative lawsuit that earned numerous media headlines. It settled a month after we filed the complaint with Impact Makers meeting every demand (2019).

· In 2020, a successful family-owned business hired Dunlap Law after a shareholder (and close relative) sued the family members who operated the company for shareholder oppression. We resolved the case by forcing the disgruntled shareholder to sell her shares back to the company.

· Successfully litigated to settlement claims of shareholder oppression and breach of fiduciary duty on behalf of a shareholder who could not retire because a fellow shareholder refused to honor the terms of their Shareholder Agreement.

· Successfully defended a business owner against a $400,000 lawsuit regarding his sibling’s claim that his portion of their inheritance from their parent was offset by funds loaned to his business by that parent.

· Successfully defended a business owner in a complex industrial welding litigation matter involving a $25,000 breach of contract claim filed by his contract employer, ultimately securing the dismissal of the case in favor of the business owner.

· Negotiated favorable terms in a commercial lease agreement to protect the interests of a business client and advised the client on compliance issues.

Courthouse steps
Courthouse steps

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