Kenyan Flag Data Privacy Laws

Kenyans Have More Data Privacy Rights Than Many Americans 

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By Tricia Dunlap (Esq. & CIPP/US) On November 8, 2019, Kenya adopted a data privacy law aligned with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As a result, Kenyans now have more data privacy rights than many Americans.  Kenya hopes to attract more investment from foreign tech firms. Recently, they increased data privacy protection legal standards […]

4 Steps to Prepare for the CCPA

Prepare for the CCPA: A 4-Step Plan for Virginia Businesses

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By Tricia Dunlap (Esq. & CIPP/US) and Tess Lynch (J.D. 2019 & CIPP/US) Start with these four steps to prepare for the CCPA and ensure your Virginia Business is in compliance. If you’ve read our last blog, you know the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) could impact your business, even if you’re not based in California. Enforcement begins July 1, 2020, […]

Virginia's Data Privacy Law

What Constitutes a Data Breach Under Virginia’s Data Privacy Law?

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By Tricia Dunlap  (Esq. & CIPP/US) Compared to other states, Virginia’s data privacy law narrowly defines what constitutes a data breach and personal information. However, it’s still imperative that business leaders understand the nuances of Virginia’s Law to protect their companies from legal risk. For Virginia businesses, Virginia’s data privacy protection resides in title 18, […]

Your Virginia Business & The CCPA

Yes, the California Consumer Privacy Act Could Impact Your Virginia Business

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By Tricia Dunlap (Esq. & CIPP/US) and Tess Lynch (J.D. 2019 & CIPP/US) Is Your Virginia Business Ready for the California Consumer Privacy Act? Companies around the world are paying attention to the wave of data privacy laws emerging from the European Union and the United States.  California is the first state to introduce significant […]

Dunlap Law VALET Graduation

Dunlap Law Joins VEDP In Support of Virginia’s International Trade Development

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Is your Virginia business ready to develop international trade? According to the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), 60% of small to midsized companies do business in more than six countries. There’s a world of opportunity for small business exports. VEDP programs and trade partners like Dunlap Law can help you develop an international market for […]